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    3 Advantages of Using Metal Roofing Material for Your New Roof

    When many people think about metal roofs, they remember the noisy tin roofs on old barns. However, the metal roofing material used for modern residential homes is extremely different from old tin barn roofs. Metal roofing materials are an environmentally friendly, energy efficient and affordable roofing option you should consider for your new roof.

    #1 Environmentally Friendly

    Metal roofs are an environmentally friendly choice for individuals who are looking to reduce their impact on the environment.

    Most metal roofs contain up to 25% recycled materials, reducing the number of raw materials used to create your roof in the first place. Many common household materials, ranging from soda cans to old refrigerators, can be broken down and used to make metal roofs.

    With asphalt shingles, you create additional landfill waste every time you replace your roof. But metal roofs last a lifetime. You will have to replace an asphalt shingle roof at least twice during the average lifespan of a metal roof.

    When you do need to replace your roof again, your metal roof is 100% recyclable, which means your metal roof will not take up space in the local landfill. These roofs can be broken down and reused again.

    #2 Energy Efficient

    Metal roofs are not only environmentally friendly, they are also energy efficient. Metal roofs are considered cool roofs. A cool roof is any roof that reflects a high percentage of the sun's ultraviolet rays away from the home, which results in cooler internal temperatures.

    Metal roofs are designed to reflect the sun away from their surface, whereas asphalt shingled roofs absorb the heat and transfer that heat into your attic and home. Metal roofs also re-emit the solar radiation that it has absorbed back into the environment.

    Since metal roofs do such a good job reflecting away heat, they keep your attic and the rest of your home from heating up. This will reduce the amount of energy you need to use on a yearly basis to keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round.

    #3 Affordable

    Metal roofs are a good long-term investment. While the initial cost of the materials for metal roofs are more expensive, to purchase and install, than asphalt shingles, the average metal roof is designed to last for 50 years. That means there is a good chance that you will not have to replace the metal roof on your home for the rest of your life, whereas you will have to replace an asphalt roof.

    Metal roofs require a lot less maintenance than to asphalt roofs. You are not going to have to replace damaged shingles, or the flashing around external vents every decade or so. Metal roofs are also a lot easier to clean, and all you need to do is spray it off with a hose. You will not have to battle against mildew and plant growth on your roof.

    Metal roofs are constructed from an incredibly sturdy material that can last for decades. Metal roofs on average can last around 50 years, although they can last even longer depending on where you live and how well you take care of your roof. With such a long lifespan, you will not have to replace your roof every 20 years or so like you typically have to do with asphalt shingles.

    Metal roofs also provide a high degree of sound protection, and they reduce the amount of sound that makes its way into your home, which means you will not be bothered by sounds like rain or hail.

    When deciding what roofing material to use on your roof, be sure to discuss the benefits of a metal roof with Coomer Roofing Co.‚Äč