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    Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

    Your windows are one of the most important components of your home, ensuring you have a view of the outside without letting in wind, rain and debris. If your windows are underperforming, it could be time to replace them. Look for these signs.

    Your Energy Bills Are on the Rise

    If you’ve noticed that you’re spending more money on heating or cooling than you did this time last year, your windows could be the culprit. Old, drafty windows make it easy for the heat or cold to get in from outside. Replacing them could reduce your energy bill.

    There Is Rot Around the Frame

    Rotted frames may look unsightly, but you may not even notice they are rotting. Look for soft spots, tiny holes or crumbling wood. Replace these windows to protect your home.

    You Are Renovating

    If you are planning a home renovation, your windows are a good place to start. Not only does installing new windows make your home more beautiful and energy-efficient, but doing so may also raise its value should you decide to sell.

    You Just Made It Through a Storm

    If you made it through a severe storm without shattered windows, you probably feel lucky. However, be sure to check each window for hairline cracks and replace them as needed.
    To learn more about ensuring your home’s windows are the best they can be, call Coomer Roofing Co. at 317-783-7261.